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Letter from the President

Dear SGMP NATCAP Members:

We are certainly in the midst of some challenging and unique times right now.  We are having to make difficult decisions that affect us both personally and professionally.  We are a strong industry and will no doubt bounce back better than ever!

At this time, I’m asking us all to be smart and aware.  Listen to the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization.  Wash your hands, self-quarantine, work from home if you can, avoid large gatherings and groups of people. 

We are postponing Education Day and GMID activities at this time.  Once we have more information, we will pass it along.  SGMP National is working with the St. Louis partners to determine the best course of action for the 2020 NEC.  As of right now, it’s still a go, but that could change.  Updates will be pushed out via email, at and on all social media platforms. 

We are here should you have any questions or concerns at all.

Warm Regards,

Melissa Woodruff, CMP

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