Surprise - Now Plan a Virtual Event

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Are you suddenly planning a virtual event in the time of a pandemic and need guidance?

We have gathered resources for you, to help you get started on your new virtual journey. Julius Solaris of Event Manager Blog, coined it well this week: we are in a “Pivot to Virtual” mode in the events industry to avoid cancellations. Cancellation isn’t the only option, postponement and moving online are options for now.



Pivot to Virtual

How to run virtual events- a group chat for with fellow event professionals

Digital Experience Institute Office Hours (Q&A) – Live March 26th

PSAV Global Virtual Events Day

How to Transition Your Live Event to an Engaging Virtual Experience

PCMA Adapt Not to Prepare Your Organization For the Post COVID-19 Reality

Welcoming the Virtual Attendee - Northstar Meetings Group

And all SGMP NATCAP webinar recordings are on our YouTube page and SGMP HQ webinars are available on their website.

We have also added a playlist to our YouTube channel, foucsing on virtual events training.


Blog posts/Articles:

Best Practices for Just in Time Virtual Meetings

5 Strategies for Engaging Virtual Workshops & Meetings

Best Practices for Hosting a Digital Event

The show goes on(line): As events cancel due to COVID-19, Seattle startup builds a virtual platform

Breaking Analysis: Coronavirus – Advice on Running Digital Events

How to survive during a crisis as an event planner: Virtual Events by UNIVERSUM

How to Make Virtual Events Engaging

Preparing for Virtual Meetings When Coronavirus Cancels Face-to-Face Gatherings



Curated Virtual Event Tech


PCMA offers many webinars through their Digital Experience Institute as part of the Digital Events Strategist certification.

On24 offers multiple training videos on digital engagement and experiences.

SmartSource Rentals full service virtual event production & hardware only rental needs

MPI has launched a Virtual Event & Meeting Management Program in conjuction with the Event Leadership Institute


Below are some of software options.
Webinar+ Zoom
Remo (discussion focused)
WebinarJam (automation focused)
Glisser LIVE (audience engagement focused)
Virtual Summits (automation focused)

Full Spec

Pathable - Virtual Event Platform

Multi-Hub Meetings


Virtual Immersion

Full service

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