Happy SGMP January Anniversary!

Posted by nroames on Jan. 9, 2020  /  Anniversaries  /   0

Happy Anniversary from NATCAP to the following members who have SGMP anniversaries in the month of January!

Melissa Badami
Kelley Benedict
Kristy Benton-Grover
Latrice Burton
Lisa Chase
Angela Clark-Williams
Shayla Edmonds
Anastasia Gadson
Bill Gibson
Claudia Gunter
John Hare
Leslie Hastings
Denise Hoffman
Bernard Howe
Carson Weaver
Jerry Weaver
Deidre Young
Lauren Lariviere
Devin Lewis
Christopher Middleton
Valentine Neira
Lauran Peoples
Cassandra Ruelle
Hans Schreiber
Karen Shaw
Jeff Silva
Christina Sledge
Jacqueline Smith
Jermaine Sullivan

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