Happy July SGMP Anniversary

Posted by nroames on Aug. 9, 2019  /  Anniversaries  /   0

Happy Anniversary from NATCAP to the following members who have SGMP anniversaries in the month of July!

Allen Shepard, CGMP
Jennifer Pedri Gillissen
Vivian Fernandez
J Stewart, BS, Psychology
Shannon Marquise
James Connors
Loretta Phillips
Jamie Shillinger
Crystal Solomon
Meg Ravnholt-Hankin
Laurie Czyz
Raquel McConnico-Tucker
Patricia Basco, CGMP
Pamela Scheyd
Necoya Tyson, CEM, CGMP
Emily Bzdega, CGMP
Regina Guyther
Lisa Frazier, CGMP
Zachary Kranitz


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