Happy August SGMP Anniversary

Posted by nroames on Aug. 23, 2019  /  Anniversaries  /   0

Happy Anniversary from NATCAP to the following members who have SGMP anniversaries in the month of July!

Deborah Brice
David Brown
Mark Brown, CMP
Mary Clark
Rob Coffman, CGMP
Karen Edwards
Chuck Field
Robyn Hulvey, CMP, CGMP
Eugene Jerry
Carla King, CGMP
Amy Lang
Amy Lippincott, CMP, CGMP, HMCC
Kelly Mayor
Jodi Mazel, CMP, CGMP
Sean McDonald
Pearlie McFadden, CGMP
Amy O'Connell
Cierra Pugh
Vernell Queen
Margaret Rowland
Azeb Shifaraw
Kylie Wang


Don't forget you have a 30-day grace period for renewal. visit SGMP Renewal to renew today!

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