Membership Categories

We have a variety of membership categories, each with different eligibility requirements and application rules. So it is very important to review the definitions and rules within each category to be sure you are submitting a complete and accurate membership application package. All of this information is outlined in the three "how to join" sections of SGMP's website at

Government Planner - Individuals who are employed by federal, state, or local governments who have the responsibility for planning or implementing any type of meeting — on a full- or part-time basis — as part of their official duties. [Employees of military and quasi-government organizations or associations where a majority of their membership is comprised of government employees may also qualify.]

Contract Planner - Individuals, organizations or companies operating under contract to (and receiving payments directly from) government agencies to assist in the planning or implementing of any type of meeting.

Supplier - Companies or individuals who provide facilities and services to government or contract planners outside of direct assistance in the planning and implementation of meetings. [Supplier members are paid by agencies/planners. Hotels and CVBs are supplier members.] 

Educator/Student - Individuals who are students/interns or interested educators, who are not directly involved in the planning or implementing of meetings or in the supplying of facilities or services to meeting planners. [Educator/Student applicants may not be eligible for membership in any other category.]

Retiree - Individuals who are SGMP members in good standing at the time of their retirement. [Retired meeting planners may not join SGMP as a Retiree member. If a Retiree member becomes willfully employed and eligible for other SGMP membership, they shall forfeit their Retiree membership.]

Associate supplier membership has been discontinued