Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is the voice of NATCAP through our newsletter, News & Views and the website, Our Committee members are responsible for the look and feel of the website and generate most of the content that is shared with the membership. Our goal is to share information, resources and best practices that are IMPORTANT to our membership; and content that will enhance our planners and supplier's roles within their organization. Additionally, we seek to strength NATCAP's social media presence. We welcome your input!

For more information or to join the committee, please contact Nicole Roames at: [email protected]

Community Outreach/Fundaising Committee

The Community Outreach Committee develops an outreach incentive program to help strengthen our communities with the support of SGMP NATCAP volunteer work, donations, and monetary assistance.

For more information or to join the committee, please contact Christina Saragnese at: [email protected]

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for the major functions related to management of chapter membership. This includes ensuring and overseeing membership database maintenance, developing and implementing member recruitment and retention strategies, and employing and enhancing communication and outreach to promote members’ involvement and connection to the chapter.

For more information to join the committee, please contact Brittany Callahan and Ellen O'Boyle at:
[email protected]

Programs Committee
Being a volunteer and an active member of the Programs Committee can allow you the opportunity to develop content and work with invited guests and speakers for NATCAP’s Monthly Meetings and special events.  The Programs Committee provides educational opportunities to enhance members personal and professional development.  We are looking forward to bringing dynamic and engaging programs to the National Capital Chapter this year and hope you will be a part of the experience!

For more information, to host meetings or to join the committee, please contact Nicole Roames at:
[email protected]

Nominations & Elections Committee

The Nominations & Elections Committee functions under the guidelines established for SGMP's National Board of Directors and Chapter elections.

For more information or to join the committee, please contact Erika Noyes at: [email protected]

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee plans, organizes and executes several special fundraising / networking events each year which includes the Holiday Celebration & Silent Auction (HC&SA), Honors & Awards Gala (HA) and Summer Outing (SO).

For more information or to join the committee, please contact Shannon Gallagher at:
[email protected]