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We need you!

Fellow NATCAP members, we need your help! We are gearing up for the Fall Edition of the SGMP NATCAP Newsletter, and we need your help to ensure that this final issue of 2017 is the best one yet! To do that, we really need to hear from you!  

Many of you will agree that the events happening in the U.S. and across the globe are having a significant impact on the Meetings industry. Please share how your organization (planners and suppliers) is managing this impact on business. 

Remember, in addition to your own professional development, an article provides an opportunity to educate, inform, and share best practices and views with fellow members. Need more incentive? Writing a newsletter article could help you qualify for a scholarship, earn points towards CGMP or CMP certification or re-certification.

Here are a few topics to think about. Feel free to come up with a topic that's not on this list:

* How is your organization changing its approach to address events in the industry?

* Tips to keep your meeting on track in the midst of crisis. 

* Crisis management 101. What every planner should know!

* How cancellations impact hotels, and what we want planners to know. 

* What to do when your attendance is down because of a natural disaster. 

* To cancel or not to cancel, is that really the question?

* An organization's approach to helping out during a natural disaster.

* Select your own topic – any industry-related topic!

Please contact Ruth Murphy, at, if you would like to submit an article. Articles are due as soon as possible, but no later than Wednesday, November 1.

 The Newsletter editors are waiting!!!